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  This site is dedicated to disseminating quality leading-edge articles from astrologers around the globe. We feature an extensive collection of articles by well-known Chiron specialist Joyce Mason (former Editor of Chironicles and host of the International Chironic Convergences in Greece).  

Australia's Candy Hillenbrand, editor and publisher of The Wholistic Astrologer, presents a selection of articles combining several themes: Astrology and Healing, Esoteric Astrology, Chiron, the work of Dane Rudhyar, and a postmodern critique of astrology. Brian Clark writes eloquently about the myths surrounding the Pelion region, home of the Centaurs, as well as the astrological cycles we encounter in our fifties, with particular reference to the Chiron cycle. Chris Turner writes on Ethics; Lynda Hill explores the Sabian Symbols and Hitler's chart, while Peter Clamp looks at the Astrology of Homophobia. Janet Webber, co-principal of the first and so far only Government accredited astrology school in Australia, writes about the rigorous process of gaining Government accreditation, and also explores the interface between Celtic myth and Astrology. Cate Whelan takes a look at the impact of Chiron on the collective, while Gregory J. de Montfort explores the 'new paradigm' of Humanistic Astrology.

From New Zealand, André Donnell specialises in the Philosophy of Science and its implications for Astrology, as well as the social nature of Astrology.

From the United States, Shelley Jordan addresses the often neglected issue of the Repression of the Feminine in Astrology and offers a transformational approach to interpreting transits; while Philip Levine questions the preoccupation with Prediction and urges astrologers to honour the Mystery of life. Adele Barger Wilson specialises in Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology and Jayj Jacobs offers a thought-provoking Codswallop Detector especially designed for astrologers, as well as a challenge to think about our thinking. From the astrological theorists, William Tallman looks at a Rational Basis for Astrology and re-examines Ptolemy's influence on modern astrology, while Dale Huckeby explores the interface between astrological cycles and developmental psychology.

From Canada, Gerry Goddard whose special interest is the bridge between transpersonal theory and astrology, draws on the work of Dane Rudhyar, Erich Neumann, Richard Tarnas, Ken Wilber, Stanislav Grof and others, and Vanessa Starr explains what astrology is and is not and how to access the soul through the tarot.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Irish astrologer Bill Sheeran writes about Astrology, Patriarchy and Postmodernism, and also addresses deeper philosophical issues concerning the nature of astrology and prediction; while English astrologer Helen Labovitch introduces the fundamental tenets of astrology as a path of individual development.  

In addition, there is a comprehensive collection of Astrology, psychology, philosophy and metaphysical links gathered from my many hours of surfing the web, and information on the Bach Flower Remedies, including descriptions, affirmations and details on preparation and prescribing, and a FREE 12 lesson course: The Healing Herbs of Dr Edward Bach.

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