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Articles by Candy Hillenbrand

What's in a Name? ~ Deconstructing the Roots of Astrological Meaning

An Archaic Astrology Cast Adrift in a Post-Modern World

The Centaur Connection: Expanding Chiron's Territory

Towards an Astrology of Meaning and Purpose ~ The Legacy of Dane Rudhyar

Esoteric Astrology: The Journey of the Soul

The Quest for Soul at Midlife

Chiron meets Pluto at the Big Turn

The Astrologer as Healer

Chiron ~ The Healing Pathway to Personal and Global Reconciliation

Chiron ~ An Overview

Prediction, Healing and Transformational Astrology

The Ascendant ~ Revealer of our Soul's Purpose

Healing Flowers of the Zodiac ~ Healing the Chiron Wound

Edward Bach's View of Astrology ~ The Moon Sign and the Twelve Groups of Humanity

Flower Healing Meets the Stellar Arts ~ Heal Thyself and Know Thyself


Articles by Joyce Mason

Why Chiron? Gifts of "the Wounded Healer"

Wholeness and the Inner Marriage ~ The Chiron Sector and Relationship

Chiron and Pluto: The Comet Brothers

The Depths of Change: A Cup of Courage in Times of Tough Transits

Chiron: Your Higher Moon

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People: Living with the Outer Planets Prominent - Part 1

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People: Uranians Spread Stolen Fire With Their Fingers - Part II

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People: Neptunian Survival Tricks (and The Magic of
Dis-Illusionment) - Part III

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People: Pluto: The Reason for Suffering (and How to
Put Passion to Work) - Part IV

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People: Chiron and Life Purpose (Spirited Living) - Part V

The Radical Virgo

Your Solar Return (And Solar Return Meditation)

A New Timepeace: Bending and Mending Time

About Joyce Mason


Articles by Brian Clark

Brave New World: Forward into the Fifties

Pelion: The Land Apollo Loved

Articles by Shelley Jordan

The Repression of the Feminine in Astrology

Transits and the Path of Transformation

Articles by Bill Sheeran

Astrology, Patriarchy and Postmodernism

The Nature of Astrology

On Prediction and the Unpredictable

Generational Themes

Articles by Gerry Goddard

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: Our Contemporary Evolutionary Challenge

The Eternal Return of Friedrich Nietzsche ~ An Astrological Portrait

Transpersonal Perspectives and the Eighth Principle

Metaphor or Archetype? ~ The Nature of the Astrological Symbol

Articles by Peter Clamp

The Astrology of Homophobia

Articles by Adele Barger Wilson

Esoteric Astrology Defined

The Soul's Purpose Formula

Chiron: A Fourth Ray Planet

Alice Bailey: Portrait of Leo Rising

Articles by Philip Levine

Prediction, Accountability and the Spirit of Astrology

Fortune Telling, Prediction and the Horoscope

An Open Letter to the Astrological Community

The Horoscope, the Baby and the Bath Water

The Mystery That is Astrology

Articles by Dale Huckeby

Life Changes: Transit Cycles and Astrological Theory

Astrological Correspondences: The Patterns in Our Lives

The Astrology of Childhood: Transits and Turning Points

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle: Astrology and the Internet

Articles by André Donnell

The Philosophy of Science and its Implications for Astrology

Toward a Social Astrology: Recognising the Social Character of Life


Articles by Vanessa Starr

What Astrology Is...and is NOT

Traditions of Astrological Practice

Accessing the Soul through the Tarot


Articles by Gregory J. de Montfort

Humanistic Astrology - The New Astrological Paradigm


Articles by Chris Turner

A Question of Ethics

The 8th House

The Water Houses


Articles by Janet Webber

The Horoscope as Text: Beyond a Humanist or Medieval Astrology?

Studies in Astrology and Government Accreditation: The Future of Astrology?

Astrology and Celtic Mythology

Articles by Cate Whelan

Chiron: The Collective Wound

Articles by Jayj Jacobs

Jayj Jacobs' Codswallop Detector and Critique of Impure Reason

Thinking about Thinking

Articles by William Tallman

Ptolemy: A Re-examination of His Influence on Modern Astrology

A Rational Basis for Astrology

Articles by Helen Labovitch

The Astrological Birth Chart ~ Our Individual Path of Development

Evolving Truth ~ The Opposition of Jupiter and Pluto

The Future of our Choice