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A Quarterly International Astrology Journal for the New Millennium


Candy Hillenbrand is an Australian astrologer, flower essence practitioner, and writer with a special interest in exploring the interface between astrology and related disciplines.

She is a Social Sciences graduate from the Australian National University in Canberra, with majors in Human Sciences and Political Science, and holds the Practitioners Qualification from the Federation of Australian Astrologers, co-winning the FAA's Allan Johnson Gold Medal in 1997. She is also a founding member of the Australian Association of Professional Astrologers.

Candy is the editor and publisher of the quarterly international journal The Wholistic Astrologer, and her articles appear regularly in a variety of print and online publications, including The Mountain Astrologer (USA), The Celtic Astrologer (Ireland), The FAA Journal (Aust), The Southern Astrologer (Aust) and Vibration (USA), the online journal of the World Wide Essence Society.

Candy is particularly interested in a healing, growth-oriented and purpose-centred approach to astrology. She is interested in expanding her studies into other disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, mythology, cosmology and religion studies, and seeks synthesis between a cross-section of disciplines. At present, she is most inspired by the astrology of Dane Rudhyar, the work of the contemporary philosopher, Ken Wilber, and Postmodern theory as it applies to all disciplinary approaches.

Candy lives with her partner and their two children on the outskirts of a beautiful village in the heart of the Adelaide Hills of South Australia where they also run an organic farming and graphic design business.

If you would like to contact Candy, email candy@aplaceinspace.net