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A Quarterly International Astrology Journal for the New Millennium

The Wholistic Astrologer is created in Australia, but thanks to the internet, its branches stretch across various continents, embracing writers and reaching subscribers from far corners of the globe. I believe it is this global quality - a quality which is apparent today in many fields of endeavour - which can awaken each of us to a world of ideas and experience beyond the circumscribed constraints of our own cultural and geographical niches.

Why Wholistic?

To me, the round birth chart is a potent symbol of wholeness. It is our own personal mandala, symbol of our highest potential. Through focussing on the wholeness of the chart, we become more healed or wholed. The goal of a wholistic astrology, therefore, is to awaken us to a glimpse of this 'whole' potential. The focus is not on prognostication or fortune-telling, but on healing or becoming whole (whole-ing), self-actualization, integration, the quest for self-knowledge and the search for meaning and purpose.

The aim of this publication

is to present a range of articles, within a multi-disciplinary framework, which focus on this wholistic type of astrology. This includes articles aimed at both a radical analysis and deconstruction of traditional astrology, and other articles which focus on topics such as Chiron, therapeutic approaches to astrology, and Humanistic and Transpersonal astrology.

The aim is to present astrology in the context of sister academic disciplines, including mythology, religion studies, cosmologies, the hard sciences, the social sciences, philosophy, politics, linguistics, and others. In these pages we explore the interface between each of these disciplines and astrology.

Another of our aims is to embrace the search for a "new paradigm" for astrology, acknowledging the importance of "postmodern" thought in developing such a paradigm, and with it, we hope, a new vision for the future.

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