Life Changes

Transit Cycles and Astrological Theory The year was 1876. A scientist was being born. In March Sigmund Freud, a promising young scientist, was awarded a travel grant to pursue a between-semesters research project, his first, at the university’s new zoological research station at Trieste, Italy. His task was to identify the testes of the eel! … Read more

The Uranus – Neptune Cycle

Astrology and the Internet   Until recently I was the only person online where I work, and now there’s two of us and more to come. It may be that this is a kind of stage in the internet revolution. Probably almost every company with 40 or more employees has someone online, and probably everybody … Read more

Studies in Astrology and Government Accreditation

The Future of Astrology?   Introduction To our knowledge there is just one school of astrology in Australia that offers government accredited astrology courses. It may have been the first in the world to gain such recognition from a government agency. Gaining such accreditation was not easy. Keeping it may also be a challenge. However … Read more

The Horoscope as Text

Beyond a Humanist or Medieval Astrology   “If the truth be told”, says Harry Moody in The Five Stages of the Soul, “we don’t really govern many of the forces that shape our existence. None of us really have all that much personal power, despite the myths of being in control … We don’t pick … Read more

Chiron – A Fourth Ray Planet

Chiron’s energy seems strikingly similar to that of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, mentioned by Alice Bailey as being transmitted through Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius (three signs of prominence in the Chiron discovery chart). The Fourth Ray is said to be associated with the plane just beyond the mental, that is, the intuitive … Read more

The Horoscope, the Baby and the Bath Water

Introduction There are countless reasons for living; the stronger the reason, the stronger the life. The reason we have for living is no less significant than all material necessities such as food, shelter, and even air. Our lives depend on the depth, resilience and inner strength of our core belief about why life is worth … Read more

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

I am particularly drawn to healing with flower remedies. They are indeed the most gentle healing tool I have discovered. They are a vibrational remedy containing no material substance. Through a quite simple, but alchemical process of preparation, flower remedies are imbued with the soul or spirit of the flower of a plant. They contain … Read more

Astrological Correspondences

The Patterns in Our Lives Astrology, we often say, is about correspondences between earth and the heavens. But which earthly phenomena correspond to which heavenly phenomena, in what ways do they correspond, and how do we know they do? Resolving these problems both contributes to and depends upon the resolution of a second set: How … Read more

Codswallop Detector & Critique of Impure Reason

What produces and accepts codswallop is not just what people think — it’s where they think from, and how they evaluate information.  Assumptions and beliefs are the breeding grounds of codswallop. Below is a revision of my semi-world-famous ‘Critique of Impure Reason’ first written over ten years ago.  You’ve seen bits of it in many … Read more