The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

I am particularly drawn to healing with flower remedies. They are indeed the most gentle healing tool I have discovered. They are a vibrational remedy containing no material substance. Through a quite simple, but alchemical process of preparation, flower remedies are imbued with the soul or spirit of the flower of a plant. They contain … Read more

Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences? Flower essences are a natural, simple and totally safe method of healing. They are liquid extracts of flowers, prepared in homeopathic manner and are used to treat the emotional, mental and spiritual nature rather than the physical body. Flower essences are made by floating the freshly picked flowers of a selected … Read more

Healing Flowers of the Zodiac

Healing the Chiron Wound Have you ever found yourself sitting with a person and their chart, having identified the issues, challenges and problems, illumined the shadow areas, uncovered the projections, and still wondering what on earth can be done about it? For many years I felt frustrated with the limitations of astrology. Undoubtedly, it is … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies

A Look at the Healing Herbs of Dr Edward Bach and their use in treating emotional problems A Free 12 lesson course – by Candy Hillenbrand   Content includes: The life and work of Dr Edward Bach The 38 Bach Remedies and their corresponding emotional states How to make the remedies, including preparation of the … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 1

Introduction to Bach Flower remedies First I’d like to tell you a little about myself and my work with the Bach Flower Remedies. I first heard of the Bach Flower Remedies back in about 1977 and was immediately interested. I have always been a flower lover and the idea of healing with the energy of … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 2

Preparation of The Bach Flower Remedies   It took Bach seven years to discover the entire 38 of the Bach Flower Remedies, and during that time he experimented with different methods of preparing or potentising the remedies. The first three remedies he discovered were prepared according to traditional homeopathic techniques. But Bach then went on … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 3

The Twelve Healers and the Seven Helpers Now we’ll begin getting to know the individual Bach Flowers.       Here is a list of the Twelve Healers and the Seven Helpers. As I mentioned earlier, the Twelve Healers represent the twelve archetypal groups of humanity, or 12 primary types of personality. Bach felt that … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 4

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies As I said in the previous lesson, it’s important to become very familiar with the individual meanings of all the 38 Bach Flowers, as well as be aware of the individual categories that they are grouped under.   The following is a list of the 38 remedies, in summarized form, … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 5

Bach’s Philosophy of Dis-ease   Earlier, I outlined the evolution of Edward Bach’s work. As a result of his discoveries, Bach came to develop a very interesting philosophy of disease, or ‘dis- ease’, as he called it. He believed that disease is a physical reflection of a lack of ease within us (hence the word … Read more

A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 6

In the next few lessons, we’re going to be looking at the remedies in greater depth * We’ll be looking at more specific applications, with a special focus on pregnancy, childbirth, children, and so on. * We’ll also be looking at the therapeutic action of the flower remedies – how they work and some ways … Read more