The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

I am particularly drawn to healing with flower remedies. They are indeed the most gentle healing tool I have discovered. They are a vibrational remedy containing no material substance. Through a quite simple, but alchemical process of preparation, flower remedies are imbued with the soul or spirit of the flower of a plant. They contain the aura of the plant soul. This may sound way-out to those amongst us who are very down-to-earth, but if you love flowers, and have immersed yourself in their beauty and perfection, and have prepared your own healing essences, then you will have experienced some of this ‘magic’.

On our material earth plane, flowers have been given to us as a physical manifestation of beauty and perfection. They are nature’s mandalas. Notice how many flowers are round and have a distinguishable ‘centre’. Whatever their shape, flowers are undeniably beautiful. Their brilliancy and variety of colours, their rapturous fragrances, all serve to remind us of our own path to wholeness.

I first heard of the Bach Flower Remedies back in about 1977 and was immediately captivated. I have always been a flower lover and the idea of healing with the energy of flowers really appealed to me. I purchased some remedies from a Pharmacy in Sydney and treated myself. I also read Edward Bach’s little book ‘Heal Thyself’ which I found very inspiring.

Then, in 1984, on a pilgrimage to England, my partner Imre and I visited the Dr Edward Bach Centre near Oxford and purchased a set of the Bach Flower Remedies, plus every book we could lay our hands on.

The Centre is actually just a quaint wee cottage and was the home where Dr Bach lived and worked during the last years of his life. We were told that the room we sat in was Dr Bach’s room and was much as he had left it. His books were on the shelf, some very old books on herbs and flowers, metaphysics and spiritual healing. There was a grandfather clock, some handmade wooden furniture, and a large photograph above the mantelpiece of a glass bowl of water with yellow flowers floating on top, sitting in the sun. Drawings of all the Bach Flowers were framed on another wall, and a prayer he had written was on the mantelpiece.

It is hard to adequately convey the feeling of this place. Even though we were there almost fifty years after his death, at the time I felt that being in that room had imparted something of the presence of Dr Bach to us that would always remain and influence our work. We certainly left there feeling inspired.

We have been using these remedies with much success ever since and have prepared hundreds of medicines for family, friends and clients. We have found them to be extremely helpful for treating emotional and mental problems.


The 38 Bach Flower Remedies


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by Candy Hillenbrand