A Course in Bach Flower Remedies – Lesson 11

Awareness Enhancing Techniques

There are a few techniques which can greatly add to the effectiveness of the remedies, and I call these awareness-enhancing techniques. Of course, the remedies will work regardless of what you do, but they will work better if you work with them, by doing work on yourself.


Positive Affirmations

One of the easiest and most helpful methods is to use positive affirmations with the remedies. A list of positive affirmations for the Bach Flower Remedies is here.


Use of Affirmations

With positive affirmations, what we are doing is visualising and affirming our healing and also affirming our positive qualities.

When I make a remedy for someone, I often include a list of affirmations for the remedy, unless it seems inappropriate. It is very important that you do what is appropriate for the person, otherwise you could turn them off.

If you feel they might not be responsive to affirmations, you can write instead a list of the positive qualities of the remedies, or you can write the positive and negative qualities, if you would like a more balanced approach.

I do feel that if you just give someone a bottle of medicine, with no description of the remedies or affirmations, then there is less potential for that person to become more self-aware. In some ways, it doesn’t seem much different to taking a prescription drug.

So, if you can, do try and give extra information with the bottle.


Become involved in the Process

And do the same when you are taking a remedy yourself. try and become involved in the process. Be aware of both the negative and the positive qualities of each of the remedies you are taking.

First, take note of the negative quality or condition of imbalance, but don’t over-dwell on this. Just become aware, in a detached way if possible, of the nature of your emotional problems or mental conflicts.

Then focus on and absorb the positive qualities related to the flower essence. Affirm to yourself that as you take the remedy, you are being infused with these positive qualities.


Useful Tools

So positive affirmations and creative visualization can be very useful tools to use in conjunction with the flower remedies. Your awareness and positive efforts will greatly enhance your healing process.


Additional Tools

There are also additional exercises that you will find in a wide range of metaphysical books. For example, in Donna Cunningham’s book Healing Pluto Problems, there are several very useful exercises that can be used for problems related to guilt, hatred, resentment and self-dislike, or the Bach remedies Pine, Willow, Crab Apple, Honeysuckle, Holly and Vine.

The book includes guided meditations for cleansing yourself of guilt, cleansing yourself of resentment, for letting go and for forgiveness.


Other Resources/Books

If you are interested in extra personal growth techniques, I recommend these books:

Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualisation
Piero Ferrucci, What we may be,
and any books by Louise Hay.

Louise Hay’s book, Heal your Body, can be very useful at times. It contains an extensive list of physical problems with the probable metaphysical cause, and a new thought pattern or positive affirmation for healing that problem.

For example, it says back problems are caused by a lack of support, stomach problems by an inability to accept the new, and headaches by self-criticism, and so on. I think it’s important to mention here that this book, and others like it, should not be taken as gospel. These associations don’t necessarily apply to everyone. There are other causes of illness which we may not understand.

If you have ever talked to a person suffering from cancer, you will realise that some of this metaphysical stuff can go a bit overboard. This is because cancer sufferers can be made to feel that it is all their fault, or that something terrible has happened in their past, or that they are full of hatred and resentment. This may not be very helpful, so there’s a need for a balanced approach to the whole subject.


Bach’s Associations

Edward Bach did make similar associations, in relating physical illness to emotional and mental states. For example, he wrote that if you suffer from stiffness in the joints or limbs, then you were probably also suffering from mental stiffness and holding onto rigid ideas and beliefs.

This is the same principle as Louise Hay’s, and there is a lot of truth in this. But I would advise you to use this knowledge on yourself first. See if the associations fit for you, and be wise and careful about putting it onto others.

-by Candy Hillenbrand


In the next and final lesson we will look at where to purchase the remedies and we’ll also take a brief look at other flower essence systems.



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