A Course in Bach Flower Remedies

A Look at the Healing Herbs of Dr Edward Bach and their use in treating emotional problems

A Free 12 lesson course – by Candy Hillenbrand


Content includes:

The life and work of Dr Edward Bach
The 38 Bach Remedies and their corresponding emotional states
How to make the remedies, including preparation of the Mother Tinctures
Therapeutic action – how they work
Diagnostic techniques and aids
Specific applications for children
Awareness-enhancing techniques, including positive affirmations for the remedies
A look at other flower essence system



Lesson 1  – Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

Lesson 2  – Preparation of Bach Flower remedies

Lesson 3  – The Twelve Healers and the Seven Helpers

Lesson 4  – The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Lesson 5  – Edward Bach’s Philosophy of Dis-ease

Lesson 6  – More in-depth look at the Remedies

Lesson 7  – Prescribing Bach Flower Essences for Others, Diagnosis

Lesson 8  – Other Diagnostic Techniques

Lesson 9  – How the Remedies work, Therapeutic Action

Lesson 10 – Some specific Applications for the Bach Flowers

Lesson 11 – Awareness Enhancing Techniques

Lesson 12 – Purchasing Bach Flower Remedies, other Flower Essences, Conclusion & Recommended Reading