Chiron – A Fourth Ray Planet

Chiron’s energy seems strikingly similar to that of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, mentioned by Alice Bailey as being transmitted through Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius (three signs of prominence in the Chiron discovery chart). The Fourth Ray is said to be associated with the plane just beyond the mental, that is, the intuitive plane. For me, Chiron’s transits have been concurrent with periods when I have been forced to make choices based on my own intuitional guidance. Each experience associated with these transits has led me into a kind of “nether land” – a land where standard rules and laws no longer applied and logical decisions were often meaningless.

People strongly attuned to Ray IV often feel like “strangers in a strange land”, being acutely aware that the Earth is not Humanity’s true home. They are constantly seeking to bridge this world with the next, matter with spirit, the logical with the illogical, and practicality with beauty, in attempts to heal the gaps between these seemingly different or opposite realms. This “bridging consciousness” manifests as a deep concern about conflict resolution within human relationships, a desire to help correct some of the inhumane conditions exisiting on our planet, an interest in healing, and a passion for one or more of the fine arts. Extremely intuitive, these people take naturally to the occult sciences, such as astrology, which use both sides of the brain.

Because their highly developed intuition allows them to perceive life situations in quite different ways than dictated by our strongly left-brained society, Fourth Ray people experience much mental, moral, and spiritual conflict in their lives. Out of this conflict has been produced some of the world’s finest art treasures as well as many significant breakthroughs in intuitive perception.

The symbol for Chiron is assymetrical, with the two diagonal lines of the “K” branching to the right. This seems to illustrate the uncertain, imbalanced feelings associated with attempting to incorporate right-brain perceptions into major life decisions. The soul-searching associated with Chiron experiences may involve such questions as “Would this be best for me in light of my particular soul path? How can this thing help the evolution of humanity?”

Just as the intuitive realm bridges the three planes of earth with the three planes of spirit, through Chiron we can begin to join the pragmatic, structured world of Saturn to the realm of synthesis which Uranus represents. By teaching us to ground our right-brain activities, this tiny but significant planetoid provides our bridge toward Uranus, the planet of spirit/matter integration and whole-brain knowing.

-by Adele Barger Wilson