Healing Flowers of the Zodiac

Healing the Chiron Wound Have you ever found yourself sitting with a person and their chart, having identified the issues, challenges and problems, illumined the shadow areas, uncovered the projections, and still wondering what on earth can be done about it? For many years I felt frustrated with the limitations of astrology. Undoubtedly, it is … Read more

CHIRON – The Healing Pathway to Personal and Global Reconciliation

Chiron, discovered as recently as 1977, is a large comet which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Scientists believe that Chiron is a temporary visitor, a maverick, who came from outside our solar system, and will eventually leave.  Its astronomy  points to  Chiron’s link between the inner planets of the personal self, and the outer planets of the collective and transpersonal self.  Chiron is our bridge from the known to the unknown, from the old to the new, from the Age of  Pisces to the Age of  Aquarius.

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