Evolving Truth

The Opposition of Jupiter and Pluto

At this present time, Jupiter and Pluto are performing a slow and significant dance in time and space.

During this prolonged light fantastic, their energies will connect on three occasions, September 4th and October 13th 2000, and May 6th 2001. What effect will this have individually and collectively?

The influence of planets, together with the signs through which their energy flows, is always about the development of all life, regardless of the way in which that influence manifests. Life is energy interacting with energy provoking forward movement through change.

Pluto moves ponderously through each sign, which allows time to bring to the surface the most deeply buried collective and individual blocks. Pluto’s present transit through Sagittarius began in January 1995 and will continue until January 2008, when it then begins to move into the next sign of Capricorn.

Pluto is of transformation, though not always without upheaval. The upheaval is because of the surfacing and releasing of blocks (to self realisation), which have to be seen and understood before they can be fully released. Individually and collectively, the surfacing of blocks can be a difficult process. The energy of which they are composed, can attract into life experiences that mirror that which is to be cleared. The mirroring through experience can allow an understanding on many levels, depending on awareness and reaction. Reaction is key in that the more resistant and negative, the more difficult and painful the process can be.

The transformation, or rebirth, is as a result of the emergence of those parts of our ‘selves’ that have lain buried so deeply beneath the blocks. A unique feature of the energy of Pluto, is that the block(s) being cleared connect back through all our lives, and include inherited development. This gives the potential for a significant transformative experience.

Sagittarius is about truth, knowledge and understanding, and the various ways in which these are gained, including travel. However, truth and knowledge is of a living energy, not static, which brings stagnation. Truth and knowledge covers all areas of life, including belief systems, cultural and religious heritage, education. Therefore our knowledge and beliefs can reflect our level of development. Through our development work, our awareness expands and allows a greater understanding.

As Pluto moves slowly through Sagittarius, and interacts with other planets both in the solar system as well as individual charts, it will activate that which needs to be released. What was once a truth that served may now have to make way for the next level. This does not negate what was, but reveals the old truth as a stepping stone to the next.

Knowledge that has been acquired without experience may have to be re-evaluated. Otherwise it remains as a block to expansion, through either not being a personal truth, or through blind belief. Each level of knowledge reached is also a stepping stone to the next. Difficulties and upheaval can come from clinging to that which must change, as well as that which is not of truth.

Although Jupiter’s movement is much faster than Pluto’s, and takes a mere year to transit a sign, its present retrogradation in Gemini allows the continued contact with Pluto, in the opposite sign of Sagittarius.

Jupiter is a liberating energy, which is also of expansion and opportunity (it rules, or has an affinity with, Sagittarius, amplifying that quality through the present energy interaction with Pluto). Through the energy of Jupiter doors can open, where there was restriction there is flow. Confidence can enable the positive use and increase of individual and collective resources, though over confidence and greed can result in waste and gluttony on all levels. Inner expansion allows the opportunity for generosity, creating a positive flow between individuals and nations.

Gemini is of interaction, communication, movement, thoughts and ideas. Jupiter in Gemini provides the opportunity for dialogue between individuals and nations. However, when in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius, blocks to mutual understanding may initially have to surface. There is the opportunity also, of the recognition that different beliefs can lead to a common goal. Non truth will become evident. Situations that mirror the opportunity for a common understanding will surface, though blocks to that common understanding may have first to be realised. Any rigidly held views and beliefs are obstacles, since the fundamental message of this energy, in the arena of truth and knowledge, is adaptability and change.

-by Helen Labovitch