Prediction, Healing and Transformational Astrology

“Your lives are in your own hands. Your charts, like your lives, are open-ended, and like magic circles, are capable of transformation. You have such immense possibilities, and whatever possibilities you follow, every experience, no matter how difficult, can be a source of growth, strength and fulfillment. You can turn your conflicts into joys, your … Read more

The Centaur Connection – Expanding Chiron’s Territory

  Introduction Whenever we think or speak of Chiron, the image of the “wounded healer” invariably comes to mind. In the short space of the twenty-two years since Chiron’s discovery on All Saints Day, November 1st, 1977, astrologers have eagerly embraced this particular face of the Chiron archetype. The wound dominates our Chironic landscape, as … Read more

Chiron and Pluto – The Comet Brothers

“…the runt planet Pluto is actually the king of the ice dwarfs, the leader of the cosmic centaurs…Some astronomers, only partly tongue in cheek, say we should regard Pluto not as the smallest of planets, but as a comet to end all comets.” [1] –Nigel Henbest, The Planets: Portraits of New Worlds     R-E-S-P-E-C-T … Read more

Chiron meets Pluto at the Big Turn

Or Roosters Encounter Owls There is a curious zeitgeist sweeping across the western world. It goes by a number of names. In religious circles it is known as Millennialism. In the secular world of science, computers and technology, it has been dubbed the Millennial Bug and more recently, the Millennial Bomb. Whether the focus is … Read more

The Astrology of Homophobia

As a gay man I have always been interested in whether or not homosexuality can be detected in the astrological natal chart. A number of astrologers have claimed that they can. I have always been sceptical. So as part of my initial research I decided to discover if there was any common thread in what … Read more

Wholeness and the Inner Marriage

The Chiron Sector and Relationships The many keywords for Chiron fit into a one-word concept—wholeness. For instance, Chironic people and things act as a ‘rainbow bridge’ between Saturn and Uranus, synthesizing the best of the old and new. Chiron’s job is to intercede between tradition (the way things have always been) and (r)evolution (the way … Read more

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part II

Uranians Spread Stolen Fire With Their Fingers ‘The reality is that “the Gods” no longer control the sacred fire—we control it, now, as shown by Prometheus.  It is simply power, and what we do with it will determine our fate.’ [1] —Barbara Hand Clow Astrology is Prometheus’ fire. [2] We carry the torch now.  So … Read more

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part III

Neptunian Survival Tricks (and The Magic of Dis-Illusionment)   I confess: I have had more trouble with Neptune than any of the outer planets. According to my own theory in Part I of this series, that  means I have a bigger obligation to share my learning with you on Neptune than all of the other … Read more

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part IV

Pluto: The Reason for Suffering (and How to Put Passion to Work)   Pluto asks more of Outerplanetary People than any of the transSaturnians: He asks to let go and trust while everything we value is ripped away from us, often down to the barest bones: home, hearth, spouse or lover, job, family. By definition, … Read more

OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part I

Living with the Outer Planets Prominent   Extraordinary Times We live in extraordinary times.  I call them outerplanetary times, marked by the discovery in 1977 of a new outer planet, Chiron.  Chiron is trans-Saturnian.  It orbits, acts like, and has an impact equivalent to any other outer planet. Chiron’s discovery heralded a helping hand for … Read more