OuterPlanetary (Extraordinary) People – Part V

Chiron and Life Purpose (Spirited Living) Chiron’s importance to outerplanetary people can hardly be overstated. It is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of the outer planets as a living aggregate in our charts. Chiron is the glue that makes outerplanetary people solid and capable of handling the strong energies that we are asked … Read more

The Ascendant – Revealer of our Soul’s Purpose

Have you ever wondered whether there might be more to the Ascendant than a mere description of the physical appearance, the persona, the mask, or the manner in which we project ourselves into the world? How often have you encountered a client whose personality does not seem to match the traditional description of the Rising … Read more

The Quest for Soul at Midlife

“Trying to unweave, unwind, unravel and piece together the past and the future, Between midnight and dawn, when the past is all deception, The future futureless, before the morning watch When time stops and time is never ending”. T.S. Eliot, ‘The Dry Salvages’. Much has been written, in recent years, about the Midlife Transition. Popularly … Read more

Healing Flowers of the Zodiac

Healing the Chiron Wound Have you ever found yourself sitting with a person and their chart, having identified the issues, challenges and problems, illumined the shadow areas, uncovered the projections, and still wondering what on earth can be done about it? For many years I felt frustrated with the limitations of astrology. Undoubtedly, it is … Read more

Esoteric Astrology – The Journey of the Soul

Esoteric astrology is the astrology of the soul. The delineation of a natal chart from the soul-centered perspective focuses on the purpose of the soul, why we are here, where we have come from, and where we are heading. Traditional or exoteric astrology is the astrology of the personality. Its focus is on the problems … Read more

Astrology Basics

by Candy Hillenbrand My introduction to astrology changed my life, so I guess you could say I’m a bit of a born-again astrologer. When I first had my chart interpreted, I suddenly felt my awareness expand and my understanding of myself deepen. It was a wonderful feeling. I’d struggled for many years with a number … Read more

Towards an Astrology of Meaning and Purpose

The Legacy of Dane Rudhyar (1895 – 1985)

“The essential purpose of astrology…is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it – and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality in us, which type of strength is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfoldment as an individual person”. [1]

I consider myself fortunate indeed that my very first astrology teacher, back in the early 80s, directed me straight to the work of Dane Rudhyar. Immediately prior to my initiation into the world of astrology, I had experienced the sudden and violent death of a close relative. As so often happens, this death precipitated a catapulting onto the path of seeking. I began to seek answers to the age-old questions surrounding the mysteries of life, of death, of accident, of fate. I sought understanding, and above all a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

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CHIRON – The Healing Pathway to Personal and Global Reconciliation

Chiron, discovered as recently as 1977, is a large comet which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Scientists believe that Chiron is a temporary visitor, a maverick, who came from outside our solar system, and will eventually leave.  Its astronomy  points to  Chiron’s link between the inner planets of the personal self, and the outer planets of the collective and transpersonal self.  Chiron is our bridge from the known to the unknown, from the old to the new, from the Age of  Pisces to the Age of  Aquarius.

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